Virtualise Studio was born when we saw a need for our clients to be able to visualise the design of their projects even prior to us quoting.

Through Virtualise Studio Livia draws your project in 3D and then renders it into almost life like images to showcase what tiles , flooring ,  product etc. could look like at the end of the project even before we start building work. Being able to visualise it all prior to construction it means that we minimize the chance of any surprises arising where you aren’t happy with how the space looks or feels at the end of the project , it also means we can make changes to the design prior to construction commencing saving time and headaches once the project is in full swing.

Get in touch with us to book an initial consultation so that we can bring your visions to life virtually and then to reality. 


Below is a 3D drawing Livia did for a client , the top image is the virtual image and the bottom image is the reality once we made it come to life :