Small Tricky Main Bathroom – Charla & Karl

Charla & Karl contacted us to help them with their Main Bathroom renovation. Charla really wanted to be able to add in a bath using the existing bathroom space without having to extend the room out, we managed to put together a floor plan which included everything on Charla’s Wishlist whilst still ensuring the end result would be a functional main bathroom.

At first Charla was not sure about having a feature wall , however after seeing the bathroom in 3D with 2 feature wall tile options , ,making a decision to have a feature wall was a no brainer and at the end of the project she adored the hex feature wall. We really do think it makes the bathroom really stand out.

The Gunmetal Black Methven Tapware makes a bold statement and ties in beautifully with the Matte black fixtures , by adding in the Southern Oak wilderness woodgrain fronts on the vanity as well as the shelf on the opposite wall , it added a warmth to the space.

Charla and Karl were extremely happy with the entire Main Bathroom renovation from start to finish , read what they had to say below :

“We knew what we wanted with our bathroom Reno’s, but didn’t know how to achieve it. Prima Build were perfect for us, they are super experienced and knowledgeable with bathroom design, style, layout, products, features etc. All their recommendations and ideas were totally on point! What a great team to work with, it was so seamless for us. We love the end result . Attention to detail and Quality workmanship is excellent! Communication was effortless and clear. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Darren’s perfectionism onsite really helped ensure that everything within the bathroom worked , with just bare minimum clearance for the shower door to open past the bath it was really important to get everything exactly right. Even though the clearances between product are at a minimum , we still always ensure their is enough room for clients to be able to clean around the fixtures with ease.



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