Husband and wife, designer and builder = your perfect renovation team

Together the husband and wife team of Darren and Livia Warren make a powerful home, bathroom and kitchen renovation duo. Livia is an interior designer with an eye for creating beautiful, functional spaces (and backed by industry experience working for companies like bathroom and tapware icon Methven).

As a partnership they bring a man’s perspective, a woman’s insight and the understanding of a family’s needs to your renovation project.

Livia Warren

Born in Hungary – birthplace of iconic architects like Laszlo Hudec and Karoly Gonda – Livia brings with her that Hungarian passion for beautiful buildings and spaces. Imbued with a strong sense of European style, Livia’s work stuns with its clean, simple lines and use of natural light.

Darren Warren

Personable, patient, and attentive, Darren is a ‘people-person’ builder who values engaging with his clients because there are few rewards he values more than a happy and satisfied client and a job well done – Darren wants a smooth and enjoyable building journey as much
as you do.

Coming from a building family, Darren joined his father’s business as an apprentice in 2006 before qualifying fully in 2010. From his father he learned the importance of paying attention to detail and a passion for precise, high-quality workmanship. Wanting to put his own touches into a business, Darren launched Prima Build together with Livia in 2015.