Top 10 Bathroom Plants

Adding greenery to the bathroom.

Top 10 Bathroom Plants

I adore indoor plants, but working out which plants will work well in certain areas of your home can be tough. So , what better way to learn what plants to put in your bathroom then by reading our top 10 picks below:


1. Phalaenopsis orchid

• Loves a high humidity environment
• Grows well with indirect sunlight
• Low maintenance
• Keep soil damp but not too wet


2. String of Pearls

• Prefers bright indirect light so would work well placed on a window sill that’s not in direct sunlight, or in a hanging pot from the ceiling in the corner of the bathroom
• String of pearls does not like being watered too frequently, so try to only water once the top of the soil is dry.


3. Baby’s Tears

  • Loves humidity
  • Thrives when soil is damp
  • Likes moderate daylight but will still be happy in low light rooms
  • Low maintenance


4. Snake Plant

  • Adaptable and very tolerant
  • Filters toxins from the air so great for the bathroom where cleaning products are used frequently
  • Likes slow to bright indirect light
  • Only requires watering every 2-3 weeks


5. Heart leaf Philodendron

  • Doesn’t require much light
  • Likes its soil to be damp
  • Loves Humidity
  • Can be trained to vine along a window sill or shelf


6. Peace Lily

  • Thrives in low light however it should be exposed to some indirect sunlight
  • A tropical plant so requires humidity, great placed next to a shower
  • Low maintenance
  • Effective air purifier
  • Not to be overwatered – happy when forgotten about for a week.


7. Spider Plant

  • Removes around 90% of Formaldehyde from the air and is great at eliminating toxins
  • Grows in a variety of conditions
  • Very low maintenance
  • Happy in full sunlight or shade
  • Allow the top layer of soil to dry between watering’s


8. Marble Queen Pothos

(This one is a favourite of mine)

  • Low maintenance
  • Medium or low light requirements
  • Rotate the plant occasionally to encourage growth
  • Prefers for the soil to be on the dryer side
  • Thrives in high humidity environments


9. Boston Fern

  • Loves low light
  • Thrives in high humidity
  • This is a plant that would be happy to share shower space
  • Easiest of fern family to care for
  • Do not let the soil dry out


10. Monstera deliciosa

(another favourite of mine)

  • One of the easiest plants to care for
  • Thrives in direct sunlight or dim low light
  • Rotate plant occasionally for even growth
  • Looks fantastic in large bathrooms as they tend to grow very big


Happy plant shopping, but be careful, once you start buying indoor plants it can turn into a plant addiction really fast!